JKSSB Animal Keeper Syllabus PDF 2021

 Download JKSSB Animal Keeper Syllabus PDF 2021


  • Nouns and its kinds
  • Parts of Speech
  • Masculine/feminine (Gender)
  • Number


  • Micro-organism (useful and harmful micro-organism)
  • Coal and Petroleum origin and uses.
  • Reproduction in Animals (Elementary Knowledge)
  • Matter and its States
  • Force and Pressure.
  • Motion- Elementary Knowledge.
  • Stars and Solar System.
  • Pollution of Air and Water.
  • Carbon and its allotropic forms.
  • Light


  • Indian Freedom Struggle after the revolt of 1857.
  • Gandhiji era of Freedom Struggle.
  • Moderator and Extremists.
  • Reform Moments.


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