KU UG ADMISSION NOTIFICATION 2022: In continuation to this office Admission Notification of even No’s dated 27-05-2022, 13 06-2022, 28-06-2022, 05-07- 2022 ,12-07-2022 , 29-07-2022 and 16-08-2022 the date for saving and submission of Admission forms for Ist-2nd semester Bachelors program Batch 2022 is further extended for five working days i.e. up to 31st of August 2022 with late fee of Rs. 1000/= on similar terms and conditions.


  • No further extension will be granted thereafter as the office of the undersigned is going to collect the Registration Return from concerned Colleges of same batch.
  • It is also informed to students who are eligible to the course on the basis of reserved Category but have not available their category certificates can seek their admission on provisional basis by submitting their under process certificates duly authenticated by issuing authority with an undertaking sworn in before Ist Class Majistrate that if they fail to submit their Category Certificate within prescribed time their admission shall be liable to cancellation.

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